If you are going to be out at work all day, or otherwise will leave your kitten alone in the house for long periods, we do ask you to consider having two kittens rather than one as they will be company for each other, and much less likely to get bored while you are out.

In fact, we can strongly recommend having two kittens anyway, as two can live together for much less than double the cost of one, and you will have the fun of watching them at play together! Maine Coons are sociable animals and most really do not like to be left on their own a lot.

Another point worth considering (in favour of having two kittens) is that Maine Coons grow into very large cats that often keep their playful nature through maturity, and their habit of 'playing rough', together with their size and slightly wacky sense of humour, means that other cats can find them a little bit much to cope with. Don't worry, your Maine Coon kitten will mostly get on fine with any other pets - it's the other pets that will sometimes find them a little difficult to swallow!