Essential equipment

Scratching post/ Climbing tree is a "must have" piece of furniture. In general big & high is the best.

As we couldn't find any posts or any trees large or sturdy enough for our cats we've decided to make them ourselves.

You can see our designs HERE.

From time to we have handmade trees available for sale.

Cat litter tray

Our cats are using two types of litter trays. They are big enough and we can recommend them. Excellent for large cats as there is plenty of room to turn round, scrape and dig without the floor getting covered in cat litter. The doors are also big enough to allow for the removal of solids without needing to take off the lid every day.

Cat House Toilet - Jumbo.

Ferplast Cat Toilet Maxi Bella.

Litter scoop.

Cat litter

At the moment we use Super Benek Corn Cat Natural Clumping Litter.

Cat Carrier

We use Dog Carrier - Atlas 40 by Ferplast. It is big enough for a long trip for one cat or a visit to the vet for mom and kittens.

Food bowl

We recommend slip-proof, stainless steel food bowls. Stainless steel bowls are easy to clean and rubber base ring prevent slipping.

Water Fountain

We are using Cat Mate Pet Waterfall. Our cats prefer fresh, flowing water.


Kong Kickeroo - Adult cats love it.

Cat-Track - A good toy for the kittens. Adult cats just ignore it.

Laser Pointer - Best toy ever. For all cats.

Catit Design Senses Play Circuit - Cats love to this toy, but one set is far too small for a Maine Coon. Our track is made from 4 kits.

Dangler Pole Feather Boa - Good, a simple toy. Unfortunately, cats can easily destroy it.

Cat tunnel

Tin foil ball - Simple and effective.

Although Maine Coons normally have a self-maintain coat adapted for living in the ruff terrains of the mountain forests where weather conditions can be very harsh, they will need a little help once or twice a week to keep their coats in good order and condition. Metal comb is a great piece of grooming equipment.