You will be given a kitten pack of food for to start you off.

If you wish to use different brands of food, please change over to them gradually (mix a little new with the old, increasing the amount of new to old until it's all the new brand) or you will risk giving your kitten diarrhea, especially if it is done soon after bringing him/her home and therefore adds to the stress of this move.

We use few brands of dry food (good quality, with high meat content and no grains).

Usually we mix 2-3 different brands of dry food from this list:

For kittens:

Feringa kitten,

Applaws kitten,

Arden Grange kitten,


For adults:



Arden Grange,


Porta 21 Feline Finest Sensible.

Except that they get variety of raw meat. We do not use any commercial wet food.