Maine Coons are relatively 'easy-care' - their wonderful, flowing coats are mostly non-matting and some Maine Coons can maintain their coats in pristine condition with no more help from you than the occasional check over to make sure there are no tangle forming. If tangle do form, the areas where it tends to happen most commonly are under the armpits and in the groin crease - ie. where the limbs meet the body and rub slightly.

Most MCs need just a light grooming with a comb or stiff brush once a week or so, with particular attention to the areas mentioned above, and perhaps a little more often when they are moulting. Some do need more regular attention (a so-called 'cotton coat' MC), some do have very heavy coats, such that sheer quantity of fur means they need grooming more often.

It's a good idea to get your kitten used to being brushed/combed from an early age even though (s)he obviously doesn't need it yet, since if you only start when it is necessary, your cat will associate grooming with pain, or at least discomfort, and object to having it done. In this case, be gentle but firm in insisting (s)he allows you to complete the grooming, then provide a favourite treat and praise him/her at the end - (s)he'll soon learn it's worth letting you get on with it in order to get the treat and things will get much easier from there!

If you are uncertain about grooming or using claw clippers, please feel to ask, we will be happy to help.