Some time ago we moved to Dumbarton, just 15 miles from Glasgow together with our first Coonie girl Trappistini Mia Vega. Although we enjoyed our new house she clearly felt lonely... We had to decide how to make the house full of life? What to do with the empty rooms, corridors and the garden and organize some company for our girl. The answer came soon and - as we see it now - the best of available. More cats... but not any cats but JUST Maine Coons . Big and strong like tigers but sweat, playful and talkative at the same time.

Now our cat family counts boys and girls coming from different countries. They represent excellent and healthy lines. They live in the house as part of our family and are very special to us. They sleep on our beds and are very much part of our life. They are always around, chatting to us, adorning the window sills or unpacking the shopping.

Our cattery was established in 2010. We breed Maine coons because we love everything about the breed from their beautiful coats to their loving gentle personalities. The Maine Coon temperament suits just about everybody. They are loving gentle giants but as kittens they are bundles of mischief and joy. They are fabulous with children and other pets and in general they are not demanding of their owners.

Our aim is to breed large, healthy, and excellent examples of the breed that make loving and loveable family pets, as well as occasionally being available to those who wish to show and/or breed.

Our cats are under care of three lovely English Springer Spaniels: Stripe, Buddy and Jet.

Health of all our pets is under caring veterinary care of Vets4Pets surgery in Dumbarton.

We are GCCF and TICA registered.

The health and safety of our ladies and gentlemen are most important for us, therefore we are firm with our decision to maintain a closed cattery and not provide stud services to reduce risks of infection and to protect our lines. We do not offer stud service, not send any of our females to stud. We get approached for stud services but it is not something we offer or require. We also ask that if you have visited another cattery, please do not arrange to visit our cattery on the same day. This is to ensure the health and wellbeing of our cats and your future kitten.

Our felines are never exposed to felines who do not reside within our cattery. We are extremely strict with this rule. We do not show our cats for this reason.